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Speciality Skin & Hair Clinic
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May 13,2022

Why Dr.Siri's offers the Best Hairfall Treatment in Visakhapatnam (Vizag)?

Dr.Siri's Speciality Skin & Hair Clinic has been established by Dr.Siri Ambadasu and Dr.N.Ravi Kiran . The Main Branch is located in the city of Visakhapatnam. Located in Ramnagar, at a distance of just few hundreds of metres from RTC Complex or barely a km far from Visakhapatnam's Railway Station, Dr.Siri's Speciality Skin & Hair Clinic is accessible to almost everyone in the city.

Scalp Hair has no vital function in body but our HAIR is our IDENTITY, our EXPRESSION, sometimes even represents our PERSONALITY.

Here are few causes of Hair Loss and why Dr.Siris's Speciality Skin & Hair Clinic is the Best Skin and Hair Cinic in Visakhapatnam :

1.Nutritional :

Our FOOD intake helps in Hair Growth. Hair Growth requires PROTEIN & all the VITAMINS especially Vitamin-D, B-Comple, Biotin. Any Vitamin, Iron or Mineral Deficiency can cause hairfall.

2.Hormonal :

Hormonal Imbalances (Thyroid) can result in hairfall. Also Irregular Menstrual Cycles / PCOS can lead to hairfall. Such Hormonal Disorders are generally common in women. Taking adequate care and suitable medications can greatly help not just in stopping hairfall but also in hair regeneration.

3.Hereditary :

Hereditary Reasons are an important factor to consider when treating hairfall. Examples include Male pattern hairloss & Female Pattern hairloss. Most of the people think that baldness is a hereditary factor and untreatable. However, taking careful precautions, medications and modifying our lifestyle can surely help in warding off or in delaying Hereditary related baldness.

4.Alopecia Areata :

Alopecia Areata involves Patchy Hair Loss. It is unpredictable and can develop anywhere in the body including scalp, beard. It is also known as Spot Baldness and if left untreated, it could spread to other areas in the scalp or in the effected area. The treatment varies based on severity of the condition. If treated early, simple medication is sufficient. If delayed or left untreated for many days, injecting suitable medication is an important step in preventing further damage.

5.External Factors :

Lifestyle Changes / Stress / Pregnancy / Acute Diseases like Covid Infection , Viral or Bacterial Infections could also lead to hairfall. Neglecting or overseeing any of the above factors could lead to irreparable damage. A Professional Skin & Hair Doctor can examine the patient's history and suggest suitable changes/medications which can greatly help in stopping hairloss or in hair regeneration.

Solutions :

A Certified Dermatologist can identify the ROOT CAUSE for your hairfall.

Dermatologist aims to treat the exact reason for your hairfall alongwith :

  • Lifestyle Changes .
  • Balanced Diet which includes all th essential Vitamins,Proteins required for Hair Growth.
  • Advices Oral Supplements to strengthen Hair.
  • Hair Lotions (to be taken under the guidance of Dermatologist )
  • PRP Theory - Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
  • GFC ( Advanced PRP ) - Growth FActor Injections .

Dr.Siri's Speciality Skin & Hair Clinic provides comprehensive solutions to all your Skin & Hair Problems. You can consult Dr.Siri's Speciality Skin & Hair Clinic by Phone or Email for Prior Appointment.

Speciality Skin & Hair Clinic
- A Modern Charmalaya

F1 , First Floor , Rednam Alcazar , Ramnagar , Visakhapatnam
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